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Flex Becomes a Top-Level Apache Project

Version 4.9 of the application framework aims to improve developer productivity.


The Apache Foundation has announced that Apache Flex is no longer an incubator project and has become a top-level project (TLP). Flex is an application framework for Web and mobile development based on Adobe Flash. It began life at Macromedia and later Adobe before being handed over to the open source group.

"Being a TLP demonstrates Apache Flex's commitment to 'The Apache Way' and the project's ability to self-govern, and be a part of the broader ASF community,” said Apache Flex's Alex Harui.

In addition, Apache has also released version 4.9 of Flex. The new version fixes bugs in previous versions of the SDK, and it includes a number of features designed to speed development times. "The Apache Flex SDK Installer increases software developer productivity by reducing the amount of time spent configuring utilities and components needed to make the SDK work with an IDE," explained Flex release manager OmPrakash Muppirala.

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