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HP Debuts AppPulse Mobile, Updates Enterprise Mobile Development Tools

The company says the new tools will help mobile development teams deliver apps more quickly and securely.


HP is rolling out one new tool for enterprise mobile development teams and releasing updates for several others. The new tool is called HP AppPulse Mobile, and it leverages the HP Haven big data platform to help organizations analyze how their apps are performing. It uses a "FunDex" to quantify user experiences and alert teams when trouble arises.

The updated tools include HP Agile Manager (an agile software development team management tool), HP Mobile Center (HP's testing platform), HP Network Virtualization, HP Service Virtualization and HP StormRunner Load (a cloud-based load testing service). The new tools are also integrated into the HP Fortify application security suite.

HP's Robert Youngjohns summed up the new releases by saying, "HP is uniquely positioned to lead in the mobile market by bringing together our proven assets in application development, operations management, security and big data to help businesses deliver winning mobile apps that delight customers and positively impact their brand, revenue and market share."

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