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MapR Declines Invitation to Join ODP

The company says the standards initiative is "vendor-biased" and redundant.


In a blog post, Hadoop distribution vendor MapR said that it would not be joining the Open Data Platform (ODP) initiative. Formed earlier this year, ODP aims to develop open source big data technologies and standards, but MapR says ODP's standards are actually "vendor-biased." Hortonworks, IBM and Pivotal have signed on to ODP, but MapR and fellow Hadoop distributor Cloudera have not.

The post also said that the ODP duplicated work being done by the Apache Software Foundation (ASP) and criticized the ODP governance model. "[About] 75 percent of Hadoop implementations run on MapR and Cloudera," the post said. "MapR and Cloudera have both chosen not to participate. The ODP without MapR and Cloudera is a bit like one of the Big Three automakers pushing for a standards initiative without the involvement of the other two."

It continued, "The ODP is not open unless equal voting rights are provided to the leading Hadoop distributions. The ODP has not disclosed how governance is done, but it is a different model than the preferred and fair meritocracy used by the ASF."

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