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New Eclipse Project Addresses Automated Software Quality

Eclipse has launched a new open-source project focused on full lifecycle integration of advanced test and trace facilities for Automated Software Quality.




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Final - For Release December 17, 2002

New Eclipse Project Addresses Automated Software Quality

  • Open-source framework is basis for extending development platform to support deployment evaluation
  • "Project Hyades" Builds upon Eclipse Modeling Framework
December 17, 2002. Eclipse has launched a new open-source project focused on full lifecycle integration of advanced test and trace facilities for Automated Software Quality. Eclipse member companies IBM, Parasoft, Rational Software, Scapa Technologies and Telelogic have organized the project. The Hyades project framework will make it easier to integrate a broad range of functional verification, quality assessment and load testing tools with the Eclipse Platform's workbench and other tools. The Eclipse Platform and information on Project Hyades, the Eclipse Automated Software Quality evaluation framework, are immediately available from http://www.eclipse.org.

Eclipse is a universal tools platform, now in its second major release. Recent enhancements include internationalization features for worldwide use, and new tools integration support for development workstations running QNX(r) on Intel X86(r) based computers, Sun Solaris(r) on SPARC(r) workstations, HP-UX(r) on HP9000(r) PA-RISC workstations, IBM AIX(r) on PowerPC(r) workstations and support for Windows(r) and Linux(r) on Intel X86(r) based computers.

Developers need more comprehensive tools to help resolve issues commonly encountered with today's complex projects. Project Hyades includes several extensions to the core Eclipse Platform that ease the integration of these tools. The core of this work starts with technology donated to Eclipse, and into open-source by IBM and Scapa Technologies. Parasoft and others are planning to donate additional code assets.

Hyades is the first of many projects that will lead to establishing an "I*E", or integrated "Everything" environment that take tools integration beyond the confines of a traditional IDE to full lifecycle support for projects. Hyades and the Eclipse platform it is based upon will not replicate offerings from other test and trace domains. Separate Hyades based ASQ offerings will work with other best of breed development tools through Eclipse.

With a shared framework of open integration technology, Hyades supports better tool interoperability and helps developers avoid vendor lock-in, stimulating enhanced competition. As a basic integration framework, Hyades does not specify a testing methodology, leaving the flexibility and plenty of scope for services companies to add value. This will allow Hyades based tools to cover a full range of Automated Software Quality assurance processes from static code analysis through automated functional testing and deployment performance testing.

Hyades will implement an OMG defined UML testing profile in which Test Case, Test Trace, Test Objective and Verification artifacts are maintained. Test objectives related to performance and scalability can be evaluated for a range of real world deployment environments, including alternate mixes of server and network interconnection technologies. New approaches to quality assessment testing that link the initial requirements definition, object oriented model of the application, and test management evaluation tools will also be supported. Companies, projects and individuals interested in collaborating with members of Project Hyades should participate through the Eclipse open-source community website. Details are at: http://eclipse.org/hyades.

The Eclipse community creates open-source technology as a universal platform for tools integration. Eclipse based tools give projects freedom of choice in a multi-language, multi-platform, multi-vendor supported environment. Eclipse delivers a plug-in based framework that makes it easier to create, integrate and use software tools, saving time and money. Over 35 new offerings powered by Eclipse technology and more than 100 independent open-source projects have been introduced in recent months.

About the Name "Hyades"
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