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DevX Archives

Tip: Conditional Catch Blocks in C# - 07/16/2018
Tip: Understanding the REPLACE Command in MySQL - 07/13/2018
Tip: SET ARITHABORT ON - 07/12/2018
Tip: Enabling Speech Input - 07/11/2018
Tip: Add Support for Custom Media in ASP.NET Web APIs - 07/10/2018
Tip: Find the Hostname of a Server Using the IP Address - 07/09/2018
Tip: Import Excel Data into SQL - 07/06/2018
Tip: Learn How to Force a Style - 07/05/2018
Tip: Understanding LineNumberReader - 07/03/2018
Tip: Identify Troublesome Web Queries in IIS - 07/02/2018
Tip: Quickly Surround a Block of Code in Visual Studio - 06/29/2018
Tip: Finding Collations - 06/28/2018
Tip: Adding a Mask in CSS - 06/27/2018
Tip: Understanding CopyOnWriteArrayList - 06/26/2018
Tip: How to Diagnose an OutofMemoryError in Android - 06/25/2018
Tip: Temporary Tables in MySQL - 06/22/2018
Tip: Determine Which Version of SQL You Are Running - 06/21/2018
Tip: Char Is Not Int - 06/20/2018
Tip: Find the Sign of a Number in C# - 06/19/2018
Tip: Starting JVM with Memory of User's Choice - 06/18/2018
Tip: Options for Capturing Heap Dump from an Android App - 06/15/2018
Tip: DateDiff_BIG Function - 06/14/2018
Tip: Object Arrays are so Flexible - 06/13/2018
Tip: Understanding ToolProvider Class in the Javax.Tools Package - 06/12/2018
Tip: Using Swagger to Document Your ASP.NET Web APIs - 06/11/2018
Tip: Understanding the DAYOFWEEK Function in MySQL - 06/08/2018
Tip: Display the Contents of a Stored Procedure - 06/07/2018
Tip: Relying on the Default TimeZone - 06/06/2018
Tip: Find the TLS Version a Vendor Supports - 06/05/2018
Tip: Understanding Memory Availability and Usage - 06/04/2018
Tip: Open Last Closed Browser Windows with Tabs in Chrome - 06/01/2018
Tip: Replacing Strings in Your Output - 05/31/2018
Tip: Modifying Setters In Java - 05/30/2018
Tip: Commands to Backup and Restore Data onto a New Database - 05/29/2018
Tip: Use Chrome to Store Your Recently Used Code Snippets - 05/28/2018
Tip: Effective Usage of Variables in Loops - 05/25/2018
Tip: Find Duplicates in Your Table - 05/24/2018
Tip: Calling Date.setTime() - 05/23/2018
Tip: Using the STRING_SPLIT Function in SQL Server - 05/22/2018
Tip: Understanding the GRANTS for the Current User in MySQL - 05/21/2018
Tip: Dealing with Datetimeoffset Serialization to Strings - 05/18/2018
Tip: Handy Function to Test for Email Validity - 05/17/2018
Tip: Having a Global Configuration, Parameters, Constants Class - 05/16/2018
Tip: Setting the Log Level in Java - 05/15/2018
Tip: How to Update Pivot Tables in a Worksheet with a Macro - 05/14/2018
Tip: How to Make a Program Sleep for a Pre-determined Period - 05/11/2018
Tip: Bypassing the Row Values Updated or Deleted Error - 05/10/2018
Tip: Assuming Char Represents One Character - 05/09/2018
Tip: Faster Way to Attach a Process During Debugging - 05/08/2018
Tip: Creating a JSON Object Using Java - 05/07/2018
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