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Book Excerpt: J2ME: The Complete Reference

This comprehensive resource covers J2ME architecture and explains how to build applications and services for cell phones and PDAs with J2ME. It provides details on security, information management, and storage, as well as advanced topics such as Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) and Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC).




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

ava developers, here's your chance to survey the scope of J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) knowledge in one solidly written reference. Discover the basic architecture and functionality of J2ME and how it differs from J2SE and J2EE. Build a J2ME database with coverage of essentials such as commands, items, event processing, and low- and high-level display interfaces. Learn the advanced aspects of mobile development--plus, get in-depth coverage of security, Web services, information management, and storage. Whatever your experience level, J2ME: The Complete Reference is your essential one-stop resource for understanding and utilizing J2ME to build mobile applications and services.
  • Understand the organization, configurations, and profiles of J2ME, including the new PIM API
  • Review small computing technology, including wireless, mobile radio networks, PDAs, and more
  • Navigate J2ME architecture and the development environment
  • Limit memory use, simplify user interface, minimize network traffic, and use best practices
  • Write, record, sort, read, search, and store records
  • Manage data and understand database concepts
  • Anticipate mobile application uses for Web services, information management, and other key functions
  • Work with HTTP connections, and networking and Web services
Download the PDF of Chapter 9: "J2ME Database Concepts"

Reproduced from J2ME: The Complete Reference by permission of Osborne/McGraw-Hill. ISBN 0-07-222710-9, copyright 2003. All rights reserved.

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