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Book Excerpt: Code Generation in Action

"Code Generation in Action" covers technique and implementation for building high-quality machine-generated code for today's complex applications frameworks. Read this excerpt about an EJB case study.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

ode generation abstracts the design of the code so that multiple outputs can be created from a single model of the application functionality, which means development teams can focus on higher-level design work and strategic problems, while still meeting goals for maintaining production applications. This book covers techniques that range from simple code processors that handle common coding problems to more elaborate and complex generators that maintain entire application tiers.

Although code generation is an engineering technique it also has a large impact on the engineering team and management. The book discusses the non-technical justifications for code generation in depth, and offers practical advice for making code generation succeed in any organization.

Download the PDF of Chapter 10.5: "A Case Study of EJB Generation"

Reproduced from Code Generation in Action by permission of Manning Publications Co. ISBN 1930110979, copyright 2003. All rights reserved.

Jack Herrington is a senior software engineer with 20 years of experience. He is currently working for Macromedia on the next generation of Dreamweaver. His first book, Code Generation in Action (Manning Press), was released in July. He is the editor of the Code Generation Network. Reach him by e-mail .
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