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JDO 2.0 Preview: Java Object Persistence Made Easy : Page 4

At the JDO 2.0 Specification kickoff meeting earlier this year, the JDO Expert group identified a number of functionalities as critical to the success of Java Data Objects. Find out what these features were and gain an understanding of the value they offer Java developers and JDO customers.




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JDO Spec Compatibility
JDO 1.0 included implementation details that made it difficult for some existing persistence vendors to adapt their products to the JDO standard. JDO 2.0 drops these details, focusing on functionality rather than implementation strategy. More vendors will be able to adapt their products to JDO, and as a result end users will have more choices and less overall risk in choosing JDO.

The Best of 1.0 Plus Much-needed Functionality
JDO 2.0 looks to be a strong standard that will meet almost all requirements that developers look for in an object persistence API. It builds on the ease-of-use and core functionality provided in JDO 1.0, taking the lessons learned in the 18 months since that specification was standardized and adding some much-needed functionality. Additionally, JDO 2.0 acknowledges the major uses of JDO (object/relational mapping and Web-based, client/server, or EJB applications) by providing specific functionality for developers working with these specific technologies.

Customers will receive a mature standard for object persistence that reduces the risk of using non-standard technologies. As a result, many vendors—even those who have previously publicly opposed JDO—likely will provide support for JDO.

Developers spend an average of 20-40 percent of their total coding time on object/relational mapping and object persistence issues. The Java Data Objects standard has been successful because it greatly reduces that effort. Strapped development shops can focus on business logic rather than infrastructure details, and JDO significantly reduces the ongoing maintenance of applications.

Neelan Choksi is cofounder and president of SolarMetric, a maker of JDO tools and Java enterprise development products, which was spearheaded by MIT alumni in 2001. Neelan leads business development, marketing, and finance for the company. .
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