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JDBC-ODBC Bridge Driver Enables Spreadsheet-as-database Interaction : Page 3

Java APIs such as Apache Jakarta POI allow applications to programmatically modify Microsoft Excel spreadsheets but only on a cell-by-cell basis. Using JDBC in conjunction with ODBC, Java programmers can interact with Excel spreadsheets as if they were databases.




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Spreadsheets as Databases
In this article, you learned how to interact with Excel spreadsheets as if they were database tables. You facilitated this ability by first registering a spreadsheet as an ODBC Data Source. You could then use the JDBC-ODBC bridge driver to interact with your spreadsheet using SQL.

With your newly learned technique, you can use the inherent power of SQL to read from and write to your spreadsheets. Leveraging SQL's built-in functions adds to any Java programmer's arsenal. However, you should not consider using Microsoft Excel for the database functionality of your enterprise. Use a much more scalable database solution (e.g., IBM DB2 UDB, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server, etc) for housing your enterprise data.

Kulvir Singh Bhogal works as an IBM consultant, devising and implementing Java-centric solutions at customer sites across the nation. .
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