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Unheralded Java Filters Simplify Web-app Testing : Page 4

Java filters, the powerful—yet under-appreciated—components of the Java Servlet specification, can perform a range of useful tasks. Make them a part of your Java Web application toolkit.




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Filters Simplify Web-app Testing
Validating HTML is an important part of any Web-app testing process. Using Java filters to implement this aspect of testing makes some complex problems easy to solve. You can also find the code in this article on SourceForge's TWINE page. There, I include a more robust version of the HTMLValidatorFilterLite class, which includes some useful configuration options that I left out here in order to simplify the code and discussion. If you are interested in standards-based interface development and Web accessibility in general, please check it out. The project's goal is to provide tools that make dynamic Web-application interface validation easy, and Java filters are the ideal Web technology to make that happen for servlets.

Eric Jansson is Assistant Director of Systems and Development for the ACS Technology Center, a regional center supporting the development and use of technology in higher education. His work has focused on commercial and open-source application development in the field of secondary and post-secondary education.
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