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Write Eclipse JUnit Tests in Jython : Page 4

Eclipse integrates the JUnit framework to enable seamless test integration in Java, and Python is a great language for writing tests. Learn how to write Eclipse JUnit tests in Jython (Python for Java).




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Fast, Easy Unit Tests
Once these setup steps are done, you will find that writing unit tests with Jython is much faster and requires less code than with Java. The original goal of Python was to be a scripting language; Jython enables you to script your Java applications, and it eases the task of writing tests.

What's Next?
This article demonstrated how to integrate Jython tests into Eclipse and its JUnit plugin. It could have shown how to integrate it into an Ant task, or any other tool that enables test running. That technology improves greatly the programmer's productivity.

Now, wouldn't enabling C-Python testing from the JUnit Eclipse framework be great? It would enable Eclipse to become an IDE with cross-language, on-the-fly testing integration. It's not as difficult as it seems; it requires code generation, but that's a topic for another article.

Laurent Ploix is in charge of code quality and efficiency at Sungard Front Arena, a Sweden-based provider of integrated cross-asset, end-to-end solutions. He has been developing front office and back office financial applications since 1996.
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