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New Protocol Offers Simple, Efficient Java RMI : Page 3

Burlap/Hessian is an alternative remote object invocation and Web services protocol that's available as an open source Java framework. Learn how it enables simpler, more efficient Java RMI.




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Suggested Practical Uses for Burlap/Hessian
The following are practical implementations for Burlap/Hessian that can benefit your development today:

  • With Spring Framework
    If you develop enterprise applications using the Spring framework, Burlap and Hessian are already available to you through the framework in a completely transparent fashion. Spring does not require your application to use a particular remoting protocol, since the framework transparently injects the remote dependencies. In this scenario, I recommend using the Burlap/Hessian protocol to take full advantage of Hessian's performance, simple Web application deployment model, and ease of use. With Spring, switching from the Burlap or the Hessian protocol to a more conservative JSR-endorsed protocol such as RMI is a matter of changing configuration.
  • For Localized Object Remoting
    Some developers may take issue with using a Java distributed computing framework that is not endorsed by the official Java specification. However, if you have to perform distributed computing between just a few applications, Hessian may be the practical way to go. You would save a significant amount of money that you would otherwise spend on EJB training, development, administration, and maintenance. Moreover, Hessian's lightweight architecture and mild—almost non-existent—coupling with the application code will keep your applications from becoming strategically dependent on this proprietary framework.

  • Federation of Portable Devices
    The authors of the Burlap/Hessian protocol have proposed using it for small devices such as cell phones. This is a rather interesting proposal, and I think it warrants serious consideration. Its small deployment footprint (it can be deployed with only a few core classes), efficient serialization algorithm, and simple infrastructural requirement make Burlap/Hessian a good candidate for a remote protocol implementation in small devices.

  • Edmon Begoli a software architect with 14 years of professional experience on large commercial and federal software projects. He is a member of the R&D staff at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
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