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Lucene: Add Indexing and Search to Your Web Apps : Page 4

Get a crash course in using Lucene, an open source Java library that enables you to add indexing and search capabilities to your Web applications and documents.

The two code examples in this article used a precompiled JAR file containing the Lucene libraries. When I develop applications with Lucene, I prefer to add the Lucene source code directly to my IntelliJ or Eclipse projects.

Lucene is fantastically useful. I hope that this article serves as a fun introduction that motivates you to spend a few hours learning how to integrate Lucene into your own projects.

The Lucene project Web site has a "sandbox" area with several useful sub-projects such as utilities for highlighting search words in retrieved text. Check it out.

Mark Watson is a Java consultant and the author of 14 books on Java, artificial intelligence, C++, and intelligent agents.
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