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Concentrate on the Java Exceptions that Matter to Your Application : Page 3

Using custom exceptions that separate application from system exceptions enables you to concentrate on handling only the exceptions that are meaningful to your application.




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Mapping Business Exceptions to Java's Exceptions

Application and system exceptions can be mapped to Java exceptions using the following two custom exceptions:
  1. ApplicationException (see Listing 3): All exceptions that make sense from a business perspective are wrapped in this exception. It extends java.lang.Exception, which means that it has to be handled by the developer with a proper try/catch. These are the exceptions that a developer should worry about. When you develop a method that throws ApplicationException, developers are forced to handle this exception.

    Listing 3: ApplicationException Has Error Codes Representing
    Common Database Operations Problems
    public class ApplicationException extends Exception { public static final int UNIQUE_KEY = 1; public static final int ROW_NOT_FOUND = 2; private int code; public ApplicationException( int code ) { this.code= code; } public ApplicationException( String msg ) { super( msg ); } public ApplicationException( int code , String msg ) { super( msg ); this.code= code; } public int getCode() { return code; } }

  2. SystemException (see Listing 4): This exception extends java.lang.RuntimeException. All exceptions classified as system exceptions will be replaced by this exception. Because it extends java.lang.RuntimeException, handling it is not forced by the compiler: you handle it wherever it is suitable in your application. Please note that SystemException stores the original Exception, which can be used later on for further information.

    Listing 4: SystemException Stores the Root Cause of the Problem
    public class SystemException extends RuntimeException { public SystemException( Throwable cause ) { super( cause ); } }

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