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Getting Started with Sun Java System RFID

Using Sun Java System RFID, you can build a highly customized Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) application or service that meets your specific needs.




Building the Right Environment to Support AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

un Java System RFID Software is an RFID infrastructure framework that integrates data and RFID-enabled devices into enterprise application systems ranging from small projects to large deployments. Java System RFID Software can be used to build systems that facilitate asset tracking, enforce policy compliance, detect tampering, and prevent crime. Sun Java System RFID Software v3.0
The Java System RFID Software is a standards-based RFID Middleware framework from Sun that, among other things, gathers and filters information from RFID readers; exchanges this information as XML messages; stores the information to relational databases; and manages RFID devices, events, and components.

The Sun Java System RFID Software consists of four modules:

  1. RFID Event Manager is an event processing framework that manages data coming from all readers in the network.
  2. RFID Configuration Manager is a GUI application you use to specify the set of devices connected to the RFID Event Manager.
  3. RFID Management Console is a Web-based application used to modify various read and write attributes of the RFID Event Manager.
  4. RFID Information Server is a J2EE application that facilitates capturing and querying EPC-related data (see the sidebar "Electronic Product Code") and provides interfaces for back-end systems.
The Sun Java System RFID Event Manager
The RFID Event Manager framework is a Jini-based event processing framework that facilitates the capture, filtering, and storage of Electronic Product Code (EPC) events generated by RFID devices. The Jini services of the RFID Event Manager framework are managed through Rio, an open source container of a component model called Jini Service Beans (JSBs).

The RFID Event Manager consists of a management application called "Control Station" and one or more workload handlers called "Execution Agents." Execution Agents register with the Control Station application, which uses them to gather and filter RFID information. Each Execution Agent provides one or more specialized Web services called "reader services." A reader service communicates with the RFID device, processes the information according to a configuration object, and communicates an event client. The Sun Java System RFID Configuration Manager
The RFID Configuration Manager is a GUI application that is used define the set of devices that will be managed by the RFID Event Manager, how device information is processed within the RFID Event Manager, and where the information is to be sent once it has been processed.

The RFID Configuration Manager uses a chain of subclasses of com.sun.autoid.ems.AbstractComponent called a "Configuration Object" to identify a device to be managed by the RFID Event Manager and the software services that will be used to process the device information. There are several subclasses of AbstractComponent that you should understand:

  • Adapters begin the event chain by receiving information from the device and sending information to the device. Received information is packaged inside an event object, which is posted to listeners that are registered with the adapter.
  • Filters are used in the middle of the event chain to remove noise, such as excessive read events, or to manipulate event objects received from an adapter. Filters post event objects to connectors.
  • Connectors (also called loggers) reside at the end of the event chain to collect and augment data for back-end processes or listeners (also called consumers). A back-end process might be the RFID Information Server or a third-party software application.
Figure 1: Sun RFID Component Relationships: The figure illustrates the Sun RFID Software module relationships and event flow.
Configuration Object components generate events to communicate with each other. Every component is an event producer and every component can register itself with other components to consume their events. The Sun Java System RFID Information Server
The RFID Information Server is a J2EE application that captures and queries EPC-related, low-level data and translates it into higher-level business data.

RFID Information Server is typically deployed on a different machine than the RFID Event Manager. The RFID Information Server is built on Jini 2.0, Project Rio 3.1, and the Sun Java System Application Server 8.1. The Sun Java System RFID Management Console
The Sun Java System RFID Management Console is a Web based application that is used to modify attributes of the RFID Event Manager components and to monitor and manage the status of devices that are connected to the RFID Event Manager.

The diagram in Figure 1 illustrates the relationships between components of the Sun Java System RFID framework.

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