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Getting Started with Sun Java System RFID  : Page 2

Using Sun Java System RFID, you can build a highly customized Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) application or service that meets your specific needs.

Obtaining Sun Java System RFID
  1. Download the RFID Software.
  2. Unzip the software to the directory of your choice.
  3. Change to the directory containing the unzipped download file.
  4. Change to the rfidem directory and double-click setup.bat to start the RFID Event Manager installer. The Welcome panel appears.
  5. From the "Welcome" panel, click "Next" and follow the instructions on the panels to perform the installation.
  6. On the "Select Type of Installation" panel, select the "Typical" installation option, and click "Next."
  7. On the "Select Java Home Location" panel, confirm that the installation selected the top level of the path to your J2SE installation.
  8. On the "Station Location and Group Configuration" panel, type the name or IP address of the host system and a unique Jini group name. The group name must be unique for every control station you set up. The group name gives the control station its identity over the network. The installer defaults the group name to AutoID-hostname. Note that if you are performing this installation in a DHCP environment (such as a laptop), type localhost for the IP address.
  9. When the installation completes, click "Close."
Running Sun Java System RFID
Starting the RFID Configuration Manager on UNIX

  • Make sure you have superuser or administrator privileges
  • Start the RFID Configuration Manager by executing the rfidconfig script.
    • On Solaris: /opt/SUNWrfid/bin/rfidconfig
    • On Linux: /opt/sun/rfidem/bin/rfidconfig
Starting the RFID Configuration Manager on Microsoft Windows

  • From the Start Menu: Choose Start—> Programs—> Sun Microsystems—> Sun Java System RFID Software—> Configuration Manager.
  • From a command window: Enter C:\Program Files\Sun\RFID Software\rfidem\bin\rfidconfig.bat

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