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Getting Started with Sun Java System RFID  : Page 4

Using Sun Java System RFID, you can build a highly customized Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) application or service that meets your specific needs.




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Sample ECSpec Schema Implementation
The following listing illustrates a sample of a static ECSpec that could be sent to the ALE Web service in a "define" interaction.

<ECSpec includeSpecInReports="true" creationDate="2005-02-07T13:42:40.790-05:00" schemaVersion="1.0" xmlns="urn:epcglobal:ale:xsd:1"> <logicalReaders xmlns=""> <logicalReader>PMLReader</logicalReader> </logicalReaders> <boundarySpec xmlns=""> <repeatPeriod>2000</repeatPeriod> <duration>1000</duration> </boundarySpec> <reportSpecs xmlns=""> <reportSpec reportIfEmpty="true" reportName="ReporT" reportOnlyOnChange="false"> <reportSet set="CURRENT"/> <output includeCount="true" includeEPC="true" includeRawDecimal="false" includeRawHex="false" includeTag="true"/> </reportSpec> </reportSpecs> </ECSpec>

As you can see, much of the developer work involves configuration and (rightfully) determining actions to take when RFID events occur. Otherwise, Sun Java System RFID Software provides an RFID infrastructure framework for integrating data and RFID-enabled devices. The framework acts as middleware to bridge the gap between RFID devices and enterprise application systems. You can capitalize on the Sun Java System RFID Software system to build applications that can, among other things, facilitate asset tracking, enforce policy compliance, detect tampering, and prevent crime.

Jeff Hanson has more than 18 years of experience in the software industry. He has worked as senior engineer for the Windows OpenDoc port and as lead architect for the Route 66 framework at Novell. He is currently Chief Architect for eReinsure, which specializes in providing frameworks and platforms for J2EE-based reinsurance systems. Jeff has also authored numerous articles and books.
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