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Create BitInputStream and BitOutputStream Classes : Page 4

Although the JDK 1.4 has many Stream classes, it doesn't contain classes for reading and writing single bits. Extend your tool set by creating these BitInputStream and BitOutputStream classes.




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Write a Unit Test
To verify that the classes work correctly, here's a quick test program. The program called FileCopy (available with the downloadable code for this article) copies a file one bit at a time. You can use the FileCopy program from the command line as follows:

java FileCopy fromFile toFile

This command copies a file from fromFile to toFile.

The inner loop of this program is very simple:

while (true) { bout.writeBit( bin.readBit() ); }

Each cycle through the loop reads a bit from the BitInputStream connected to fromFile, and writes it to the BitOutputStream connected to toFile. Verifying that this program makes a perfect copy of a file proves that the buffering code in the BitInputStream and BitOutputStream classes described in the previous section work properly.

This article describes the implementation of a pair of classes, BitInputStream and BitOutputStream, that read and write individual bits. While these classes aren't strictly subclasses of the stream classes from the java.io package, they operate in a very similar way, and the implementation makes use of the java.io package. They can be used in ways to the more familiar stream classes.

From a design point of view, these classes are interesting because they create a filter that converts one kind of class to another. The BitInputStream hides a regular InputStream, and the BitOutputStream hides a regular OutputStream.

Greg Travis is a Java programmer and technology writer, living in New York City. After spending three years in the world of high-end PC games, he joined EarthWeb, where he developed new technologies with the then-new Java programming language. Since 1997, he has been a consultant in a variety of Web technologies.
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