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Build a Notification Servlet That E-mails Exceptions to App Developers : Page 4

Implement a mechanism that notifies the appropriate developer via e-mail whenever an exception occurs during application testing. With a little bit of effort, you can build a notification servlet that will enable such a mechanism.




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A Notification Servlet Has Many Uses
The notification servlet is command-driven and generic enough to be used for a wide variety of application event notifications (completion/abortion of overnight batch jobs, creation of new application users, certain critical parts of an application being accessed, etc.).

Also, you can easily provide a simple JSP interface to maintain the developer profiles. This same interface can also provide the ability to enable/disable notifications or specify frequency and timing-related rules for sending notifications. Such a custom notification servlet for exception notifications is well worth the effort and definitely will cut down turnaround times for day-to-day bug fixing.

Ganesh Ghag is a senior project lead currently consulting with CitiGroup. He has over seven years of hardcode software development experience. Reach him at ganesh_ghag@hotmail.com.
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