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DevX Archives : January 2005

Java Dynamic Networking with Jini Technology, Part 2 - 02/01/2005
Display All the Subfolders Within a Folder Using VBscript - 02/01/2005
Ask the Doc Detective: Delegates and Events Problem, Writing Faster VB.NET Apps, and More - 02/01/2005
Get All the Stored Procedure Names In One Shot - 02/01/2005
Use XSLT to Create an ASP.NET Page with ASP.NET Server Controls - 02/01/2005
Return a Value and Clear It Without a Temporary Variable - 02/01/2005
Use Functor for Callbacks in C++ - 02/01/2005
Elegant Isn't Always Best - 01/29/2005
Heard on .NET Rocks!: Jay Roxe  - 01/29/2005
It's a Blog World - 01/29/2005
Integrate Cocoon with PostgreSQL for XML-driven Apps - 01/28/2005
Be a Purveyor of Personalizable Web Pages Using ASP.NET's Profile Service - 01/28/2005
OOP Is Best in Practice - 01/26/2005
Riled Readers Respond to Restive OOP Rejection - 01/26/2005
Build Your Own GUI for RegSvr32 - 01/26/2005
Some "Hints" for Mastering SQL Tuning - 01/26/2005
Two Ways to Chain Servlets - 01/25/2005
Generating Realistic and Non-Random Sample Data - 01/25/2005
A Quick Way to Obtain create table Statements - 01/25/2005
Configure IIS for Debugging ASP Pages in Interdev - 01/25/2005
Use Page Tracing to Obtain Information About Your Executing Web Page - 01/25/2005
Master the Time-saving Power of Flash Components, Part 1 - 01/25/2005
The reverse() Algorithm - 01/24/2005
Processing EDI Documents into XML with Python - 01/20/2005
Review: Take Your PHP Web Pages Pro with the Zend IDE - 01/20/2005
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