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DevX Archives : April 2007

How To Become an Accomplished Architect in Second Life - 04/30/2007
Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Membership API Extended - 04/30/2007
Apply DWR to Data Validation in an AJAX Application - 04/27/2007
Rendering HTML Using the Brew uiOne Toolkit - 04/26/2007
A Java Developer's Guide to Ruby - 04/25/2007
Converting Your Java App into a Windows Service - 04/24/2007
Exploring Secrets of BindingSource Filters - 04/24/2007
Validate Your Refactored SQL Queries with a New SQL Server 2005 Operator - 04/21/2007
Predicate Pushing - 04/20/2007
Avoid Memory Corruption when Assigning a CComBSTR to a CComVariant's bstrVal Member - 04/20/2007
Boost ASP.NET Performance with Precompilation - 04/19/2007
Using Hotstrings in AutoHotKey to Perform Group Emails - 04/19/2007
Use AutoHotKey to Write a JavaScript Bookmarklet to the Browser Window - 04/19/2007
Capturing Mouse Events with a Transparent Window  - 04/19/2007
Organizing and Loading Common/Specific Properties - 04/19/2007
Using Namespace Aliases in .NET - 04/18/2007
RESTful Web Services: The Keep-It-Simple Style - 04/18/2007
Everyday Use of Generics - 04/18/2007
Get the Keys for Rows Added by an INSERT Statement - 04/17/2007
Improved Pinging in .NET 2.0 - 04/17/2007
Convert Text into a Table in Microsoft Word - 04/17/2007
Use OLE Structured Storage to Get a List of Worksheet Names - 04/17/2007
Workaround for the SQL DISTINCT Clause - 04/17/2007
Convert "Little-Endian" to "Big-Endian" - 04/17/2007
An Overview of HTML 5 - 04/17/2007
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