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DevX Archives : March 2008

The Easiest and Most Efficient Way to Modify XML Documents - 04/01/2008
Apply an Identical Transformation to a DOM Tree Using TrAX - 04/01/2008
Passing Strings Between Delphi DLL and VBA - 04/01/2008
Get Proper Filtered Results from a Data View - 04/01/2008
Building Truly Useful Extension Methods  - 03/31/2008
Script.aculo.us Controls: Do Your Web Users a Favor - 03/28/2008
Capitalizing on Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 Callouts: Advanced Features - 03/26/2008
Setting Up JBoss Tools for Seam Application Development - 03/26/2008
Determine the Version and Build Information for Microsoft SQL Server - 03/25/2008
Make Your Mouse Pointer Tremble - 03/25/2008
Using Explicit Casting to Display Data - 03/25/2008
Displaying "Bit" Database Fields in Web Forms - 03/25/2008
Validating an XML Document  - 03/25/2008
Visual Basic and Respect - 03/24/2008
Adding Multi-Touch to Your Windows Mobile Application's User Interface - 03/24/2008
A Practical Approach to Threat Modeling - 03/21/2008
Build Your First Grails Project: A Grails-Powered Blog - 03/20/2008
What's New in Visual Basic 9.0? Part 2 - 03/19/2008
The Baker's Dozen: 13 Tips for Querying OLAP Databases with MDX - 03/18/2008
Create a Color Using "<<" and "|" Operators - 03/17/2008
Autocomplete Combo Boxes - 03/17/2008
Find Out What Applications Transmit Data from Your Computer  - 03/17/2008
Trigger Efficiency in Oracle - 03/17/2008
Exploring Secrets of .NET Diagnostics - 03/15/2008
Thanks for Not Sharing, Or, How to Define Thread-Local Data - 03/13/2008
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