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DevX Archives : September 2009

Exploratory Software Testing: The Case for Manual Testing - 09/30/2009
Building Location-Based Applications for the iPhone - 09/30/2009
Convert a Delimited String to a Generic List<string> - 09/25/2009
Create an Interface from a Class in Visual Studio - 09/25/2009
Using String.split(String) vs. Using a StringTokenizer - 09/25/2009
Displaying Row Numbers in a DataGrid - 09/25/2009
Define and Execute a Groovy Bean Inside a Spring Application Context - 09/25/2009
Executing Stored Procedures and Functions From PHP in Windows - 09/25/2009
Real-Time Java Programming for the Rest of Us - 09/24/2009
Hey, Check Out My Slick New Editor! - 09/22/2009
JAX-RS: Developing RESTful Web Services in Java - 09/22/2009
Recovering Data from a Corrupt MS Access Table - 09/19/2009
Publishing 32-Bit ASP.NET Applications to a 64-Bit OS - 09/17/2009
Call PowerShell Cmdlets from C# - 09/17/2009
A Quick Way to Generate Properties in Visual Studio C# Projects - 09/17/2009
How to Remove Version Control Bindings from Visual Studio Solutions - 09/17/2009
Exploring HTML 5 Forms - 09/17/2009
Use C++0x's Inheriting Constructors to Reduce Boilerplate Code in Class Hierarchies - 09/17/2009
Writing Parallel Programs with Erlang - 09/15/2009
Achieve Syntax Brevity with Anonymous Classes and Instance Initializers - 09/14/2009
Using Gambit-C Scheme to Create Small, Efficient Native Applications - 09/12/2009
Adding Workdays to a Date - 09/11/2009
Send Email Using a DNS Server - 09/11/2009
Preserve Browser Scroll Position After a Postback - 09/11/2009
How to Save URL Contents to an MHTML Archive Format - 09/11/2009
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