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Learn to Use the New Data Source Controls in ASP.NET 2.0 : Page 3

You can declaratively connect your data sources to Web form controls with ease in ASP.NET 2.0. In this article, three new data source controls are described in detail: ObjectDataSource, DataSetDataSource, and XmlDataSource.




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The DataSetDataSource Control
The DataSetDataSource control allows you to manipulate an XML document just like a dataset. Suppose you have the following XML document (Books.xml) in your project:

<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?> <Books xmlns="http://tempuri.org/Books.xsd"> <Book> <Title>ASP.NET 2.0: A Developer's Notebook (O'Reilly) </Title> <PubDate>December 2004</PubDate> <Synopsis>To bring you up to speed with ASP.NET 2.0, this practical book offers nearly 50 hands-on projects.
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Figure 11. All Set: Here's the running .aspx page, which displays records from books.xml using the GridView control.
I will use the DataSetDataSource control to bind this XML document to the GridView control. Drag-and-drop a DataSetDataSource control onto the default page. Click on the 'Configure Data Source…' link in the Smart Tag (see Figure 10).

In the Configure Data Source window, enter "~/Books.xml" for the data file, and click OK. Drag-and-drop another GridView control to the page and bind it to DataSetDataSource1. Check the Enable Paging, Enable Sorting, and Enable Selection options.

Figure 14. Make a New Key: Specify a key in the schema file.
That's it! Press F5 to load the page. The GridView control will display the information in the XML file (see Figure 11).

Using the GridView control, you can also enable the editing of the XML document through the following steps.

First, set the ReadOnly property of the DataSetDataSource control to False. This will allow the XML document to be modified. Next, enable Editing on the GridView control (see Figure 12). Set the DataKeyNames property of the GridView control to Title.

You also need to generate a schema for the XML document. You can do this in Visual Studio 2005 by double-clicking the XML document in Solution Explorer and then right-clicking on it and selecting Create Schema (see Figure 13).

Figure 15. Change Title: You can now edit the GridView control.
In the schema file that is created, right-click on the Title element (see Figure 14) and then select Add—>New key…. This will define the Title element as the key identifying the individual rows in the GridView control. Then check the dataset primary key checkbox and click OK.

Finally, configure the DataSetDataSource control by specifying the name of the schema file "~/.Books.xsd," in the field under the Data file name. With that, the GridView control is editable (see Figure 15).

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