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More articles by Alex Cheng

Author Bio
Alex Cheng is Director of Engineering at Ipedo, where he oversees the design of XML data management products. He previously worked as a key member of the Oracle kernel development team. His article on XML query techniques appeared earlier this year in Windows Developer Journal. You can reach him at alex@ipedo.com.
For XML Zone | October 21, 2002
The XQuery data model recognizes seven types of nodes. Learn how to take advantage of the data model in XQuery expressions
For XML Zone | October 21, 2002
Learn how to use XQuery's FLWR (for, let where, and return) expressions to process and restructure data from one or more documents.
For XML Zone | October 21, 2002
XML blurs the distinctions between databases, documents, and messages, but it needs a powerful and elegant query language to reach its full potential. XPath does not go far enough. XQuery intends to be that language.
For XML Zone | October 21, 2002
Learn to use XQuery conditional and quantified expressions to filter and select data, and to modify query results by including custom functions.
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