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More articles by Apurva Mehta

Author Bio
Apurva Mehta is an enterprise architect and engineer who specializes in designing and developing enterprise applications. He currently consults in the areas of enterprise application architecture and helps build scalable, distributed applications.
For Architecture Zone | January 23, 2012
Multi-tenancy can deliver considerable scalability and cost benefits to any SaaS application. But implementing a multi-tenant architecture is a serious undertaking.
For Architecture Zone | January 11, 2012
Go step by step through the tiers of a typical software stack, exploring the options for implementing multi-tenancy on each.
For Architecture Zone | January 9, 2012
A well-implemented multi-tenant architecture is at the heart of every successful cloud service.
For Java Zone | November 28, 2011
Design patterns not only provide proven solutions to common development issues, they also make communication between developers and designers more efficient.