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Daniel F. Savarese holds a B.S. in astronomy and an M.S. in computer science, both from the University of Maryland, College Park. He is the author of the OROMatcher regular expression library for Java. Reach him here.
For Get Help | March 11, 2004
By default, an RMI program does not have a security manager installed, and no restrictions are placed on remotely loaded objects. The java.rmi package provides a default security manager implementation that you can install or you can write your own.
For Get Help | June 1, 2000
There are many C++ features that Java chose to omit. One is the ability to define enumerated types, such as those declared with the C++ enum keyword.
For Get Help | April 1, 2000
The Java 2 Collections Framework includes a set of static methods for sorting and searching lists and arrays. Java Pro Danny Savarese provides sample code that demonstrates the basics.
For Get Help | March 1, 2000
The Java core packages include jave.util.zip, which is useful for creating and reading compressed files or archives in the ZIP and GZIP formats. This saves you the time of creating custom file archive formats for your applications.
For Get Help | February 1, 2000
Java 2 Micro Edition and its K Virtual Machine (KVM) allow you to write Java applications for handheld devices, including ones that run Palm Computing's Palm OS. Learn to write a Hello World Spotlet for the Palm using KVM.
For Get Help | January 1, 2000
JavaServer Pages can make Web Application development a lot simpler. If you identify the most common kinds of data entered into forms, you can quickly start to build a library of classes that you can reuse to store form data.
For Get Help | December 1, 1999
The GNU Compiler for Java allows you to compile Java source to bytecode or machine code, and Java bytecode to machine code.
For Get Help | November 1, 1999
Even though the Java Virtual Machine performs automatic garbage collection, you can't completely forget about memory management issues. How and when garbage collection is performed is implementation dependent.
For Get Help | October 1, 1999
One way to implement an inactivity timeout in an application is to keep track of the last time a MouseEvent or KeyEvent was sent to an application. Find out how to do it.
For Get Help | July 1, 1999
Property lists are a convenient means of storing user preferences and application configuration information in a file. The java.util.Properties class makes managing property lists easy.
For Get Help | May 1, 1999
When you time a set of threads, you generally want to know the time elapsed between when the first thread starts and the last thread finishes. Read two methods for setting thread timing.
For Get Help | April 1, 1999
To write UDP clients and servers, you have to use the DatagramSocket class.
For Get Help | March 1, 1999
You can load icons and other graphics using a resource bundle, but you must implement your own resource bundle to do this. A good way to manage localized resources is to create a resource bundle for each specific type of resource. This solution shows you how.
For Get Help | August 1, 1998
Learn how the Swing JTable class is organized so that you can customize it to your specific needs. In this solution, you'll leaern how to customize it to display a JButton.
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