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Author Bio
David Jordan founded Object Identity, Inc. to provide Java Data Objects (JDO) consulting services. He has been a member of the JDO expert group since its inception and the JDO 1.0 specification has a special recognition of his contributions. He was also recognized for his review services of JDBC 1.0. David has authored the following books: "Java Data Objects," O'Reilly, 2003 and "C++ Object Databases," Addison-Wesley, 1998
For Editorials and Opinions | June 2, 2004
The EJB expert group's decision to use Hibernate as the persistence mechanism in EJB 3.0 gives JBoss all the power. David Jordan, a member of the JDO expert group, explains why the JDO community is not just disappointed—but concerned—about a power shift in the app server market.