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Author Bio
David M. Williams is an Australian I.T. writer, trainer, and consultant. He is the author of Win32 Font Lister and other shareware programs. Reach him by e-mail at ap_dmw@bigpond.com.
For VB Zone | May 22, 2003
One common feature of professional, scalable programs is the ability to include a range of optional modules, or "plug-ins." This article demonstrates how you can include such functionality in your VB6 apps—using some clever thinking and some simple code.
For VB Zone | February 27, 2003
ActiveX is a highly flexible and extensible benefit to Visual Basic, permitting vastly expanded functionality across all Windows-based development environments, including Active Server Pages. ActiveX components allow Visual Basic programmers to encapsulate complex functionality in small, reusable packages. Learn how to use ActiveX to handle out-of-date and duplicated documents in a content-management intranet.
For Java Zone | January 17, 2003
Although the Java Virtual Machine frees programmers from many low-level tasks like garbage collection, it can't protect them from mistakes in design and logic. This article explores the Java Debugger, which you can use to trace through a running program and determine the causes of any errors.
For Java Zone | November 11, 2002
One of the most critical operations an application can perform is saving and restoring its state between successive runs. Yet, saving data in a textual format is not always practical--or secure. Using serialization, you can save any Java object to disk in a flash.
For Java Zone | October 21, 2002
Java is an event-driven language. This means that program flow usually varies dependent upon what actions a user performs, and differs from traditional procedural-based languages where program execution was very linear. Here's what you need to know to make your Java programs respond to events such as the user moving the mouse or clicking a button.
For Java Zone | October 21, 2002
Embed Java applets that load images and play sounds into your Web pages.
For Java Zone | June 4, 2002
Multi-threaded programming is all but essential for complex problem solving and effective user interfaces. Yet, to many programmers, it remains an arcane science. Java makes threaded programming simple due to its portable nature.
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