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More articles by David T. Anderson

Author Bio
David T. Anderson is a member of Alden Anderson, LLC. He recently completed a contract tester assignment with the Visual FoxPro team at Microsoft testing the data enhancements made to Visual FoxPro 9 and implementing performance benchmarks such as the Transaction Processing Council's TPC-H. With 22 years of application development experience in the PC industry for government, military, educational institutions, and private industry, David uses his experience relating Enterprise Architecture and Organizational Maturity to assist organizations in determining the most appropriate software processes for their needs.
For Editorials and Opinions | November 16, 2004
Even though FoxPro has long been overshadowed by more glamorous products, it's still one of the best tools on the market for getting things done. With new enhancements coming in version 9.0, it's not likely to go the way of the dodo anytime soon.
For CoDe Magazine | November 10, 2004
The Microsoft Visual FoxPro team has a great reputation for responding to community requests and version 9 reflects many such changes, most notably changes to the data engine that enhance data access and database application development.
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