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For Devx Daily News | December 10, 2015
Enterprise mobile development teams are scrambling to make sure they are properly protecting user data in transit.
For Devx Daily News | May 15, 2015
The two companies will offer an IoT platform for enterprises.
For Devx Daily News | May 1, 2015
Microsoft is beefing up its database-related cloud computing services.
For Devx Daily News | July 15, 2014
Insiders say many software testers could be among those who get pink slips.
For Devx Daily News | June 18, 2014
Nearly 80 percent of developers said they work with a relational databases.
For Devx Daily News | January 27, 2014
Analysts say that a brand's strength is closely related to the strength of its applications.
For Devx Daily News | December 27, 2013
In-memory technology, HCM and much more.
For Devx Daily News | December 5, 2013
The updated IDE supports Java EE 7 and adds new features for Android development.
For Devx Daily News | November 6, 2013
The open source cloud computing platform is growing in popularity around the world.
For Devx Daily News | October 23, 2013
The technology could help prevent the spread of malware.
For Devx Daily News | September 26, 2013
The cloud development service also now runs on Oracle's public cloud computing service.
For Devx Daily News | September 17, 2013
Samza is an alternative to Twitter's Storm processing engine.
For Devx Daily News | August 23, 2013
The larger firm is looking to boost its cloud-based mobile development offerings for enterprises.
For Devx Daily News | July 30, 2013
It looks like the next iPhone will likely have a fingerprint scanner.
For Devx Daily News | July 1, 2013
The update to the Java IDE adds features related to big data, business intelligence and usability.
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