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More articles by Erin Gannon, Associate Editor

Author Bio
Erin Gannon is an Associate Editor at DevX.
For Java Zone | May 16, 2006
Sun came a lot closer to a promise of open sourcing Java on the first day of JavaOne this year, but meanwhile plenty else is finding its way to the community. Find out about where Java is going in Mustang and Dolphin, what was hot at NetBeans Day, what you can get today in the Java EE 5 edition, and why Borland, among many others, is talking a lot about supporting the heterogeneous open source stack.
For Wireless Zone | September 28, 2005
While mobile enterprise applications remain a huge objective for businesses worldwide, with consumer and entertainment uses driving mobile device adoption, the U.S.'s leading mobility conference and expo becomes a study in duality.
For Wireless Zone | July 26, 2005
Locked in a game of leap frog with rival Google, Microsoft offers developers a carrot in the form of better community in order to put the momentum back behind its own mapping software engine.
For Wireless Zone | April 8, 2005
Much like traditional mobile applications, multimodal applications—which allow user input through a variety of methods, including voice and motion—have already put down deep roots in the global marketplace. Wise developers will stay on top of this trend as well as the development of the XML-based languages that facilitate multimodal input.
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