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More articles by Evangelos Petroutsos

Author Bio
Evangelos Petroutsos is a long time VB developer. When he's not writing code, he writes programming books and articles. His most recent title is Mastering Visual Basic .NET, published by Sybex. Reach him by e-mail here.
For VB Zone | April 14, 2004
Part III of this series shows you how to use the ListView control in order to display tabular data, then provides a simple tool you can use to print that data.
For Get Help | February 10, 2004
Build this simple text editor and see how easy it can be to add Print and Print Preview capabilities to your applications without resorting to third-party controls.
For Get Help | January 7, 2004
If you've ever tried to write code to print a complex document using VB, you'll appreciate how the reusable tools described in this solution beef up VB's printing capabilities and add Print Preview support.
For Get Help | October 22, 2003
Enhance your SDI interfaces using MDI techniques to build scrolling forms with menus that merge automatically depending on which form is visible.
For .NET Zone | July 7, 2003
Improve performance and gain convenience by using custom business objects serialized to and from XML rather than forcing your presentation-tier developers to work directly with DataSets.
For .NET Zone | June 10, 2003
Combine SQL Server's XML support and .NET XML serialization to simplify your front-end code by moving custom objects rather than DataSets between application layers and into and out of SQL Server.
For VB Zone | November 5, 2002
Learn to use the WebBrowser control to add Web-style navigational features to your Windows applications and access files on remote Web servers.
For VB Zone | October 21, 2002
Add run-time editing, drag-and-drop features and persistence to the TreeView control.
For .NET Zone | October 21, 2002
.NET File I/O operations use Stream and Formatter classes that abstract many tasks you had to code manually in classic VB.
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