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More articles by Gigi Sayfan

Author Bio
Gigi Sayfan is the director of software infrastructure at Aclima, a start-up company that designs and deploys distributed sensor networks that enable a higher level of environmental awareness. Gigi has been developing software professionally for 20 years in domains as diverse as instant messaging, morphing, chip fabrication process control, embedded multi-media application for game consoles, brain-inspired machine learning, custom browser development, web services for 3D distributed game platform and most recently IoT/sensors. He has written production code every day in many programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Python, Java, Delphi, Javascript and even Cobol and PowerBuilder for operating systems such as Windows (3.11 through 7), Linux, Mac OSX, Lynx (embedded) and Sony Playstation. His technical expertise includes databases, low-level networking, distributed systems, unorthodox user interfaces and general software development life cycle.
For Dev Issues | May 18, 2016
Explore some of the best ways to produce software that is not only high quality, but also fast to develop and adapt to different business needs.
For Agile | May 12, 2016
No need to feel you're all alone against the inscrutable code, by employing pair debugging, your partner will help you through tight spots and see things you don't notice.
For Enterprise Zone | May 10, 2016
If you're looking into a cool and promising domain to dive into, you can't go wrong with augmented reality.
For Agile | May 2, 2016
Explore how Agile hiring methods can give your small company the advantage over the big players.
For Dev Issues | April 27, 2016
In recent years the database scene has been boiling. New databases for special purposes seem to emerge every day and for a good reason. Learn more about the importance of graph databases.
For Enterprise Zone | April 26, 2016
Learn more about how to get started with creating pipelines in Python with Google's Dataflow framework.
For Dev Issues | April 18, 2016
Whether you are an early adopter or one of the careful crowd, learn about creating a rational process for adopting new technologies.
For Agile | April 14, 2016
The Extreme Programming stance was different from the methods of the past. What happens if we take all the best practices and turn the knob to 11?
For Open Source Zone | April 8, 2016
The GPL may have lost the battle but developers have won the open source war and there have never been so many great options to choose from as a foundation for applications.
For Dev Issues | April 5, 2016
There are good arguments for both black box and white box testing and while working with most complicated systems you should be able to wear both hats at different times.
For Web Development Zone | March 28, 2016
Building Web applications is hard. Learn more about Flask -- a Python Web framework that takes care of much of the hard work and allows you to focus on the essence of your application.
For Agile | March 21, 2016
Is the database doomed to be this thorn in the side of Agile development? Not necessarily. Learn more about a few strategies to minimize both the risk and effort to make database changes safely.
For Database Development Zone | March 16, 2016
Explore some methods to optimize database access when using SQLAlchemy.
For Agile | March 15, 2016
In software development, Agile methods provide the best breeding ground for getting into flow.
For Agile | March 9, 2016
Many Agile methodologies promote a daily standup meeting, but is it an effective strategy?
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