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More articles by Gigi Sayfan

Author Bio
Gigi Sayfan is the director of software infrastructure at Aclima, a start-up company that designs and deploys distributed sensor networks that enable a higher level of environmental awareness. Gigi has been developing software professionally for 20 years in domains as diverse as instant messaging, morphing, chip fabrication process control, embedded multi-media application for game consoles, brain-inspired machine learning, custom browser development, web services for 3D distributed game platform and most recently IoT/sensors. He has written production code every day in many programming languages such as C, C++, C#, Python, Java, Delphi, Javascript and even Cobol and PowerBuilder for operating systems such as Windows (3.11 through 7), Linux, Mac OSX, Lynx (embedded) and Sony Playstation. His technical expertise includes databases, low-level networking, distributed systems, unorthodox user interfaces and general software development life cycle.
For Web Development Zone | November 24, 2015
OAuth-based authentication takes some work to get right, but it's worth it.
For Agile | November 17, 2015
If you reach a point where you notice Agile fatigue in your dev team, you might want to try gamification to get productivity back on track.
For Dev Issues | November 12, 2015
Can your company transcend the hype and can actually demonstrate measurable improvements or do you live in a world of illusion that your fate and strategic direction are optimized by hard data?
For Agile | November 3, 2015
Test Driven Development (TDD) is arguably the most impactful Agile practice.
For Enterprise Zone | October 30, 2015
Dive into this overview of the Google Cloud Platform and learn more about what it offers.
For Dev Issues | October 29, 2015
Some say that since code is running so much of our world, everyone should at least study to have a sense of what software is and what it takes to create it and maintain it.
For Dev Issues | October 26, 2015
One of the most basic building blocks of programming is the function. You call some piece of code, passing some parameters and you get back a returned value. If you grew up with any modern programming language you probably don't even think about it. But, the function was a major innovation. Take a peek back at a time before modern programming languages.
For Enterprise Zone | October 23, 2015
The rise of the IoT is coming. Think smart cities, smart cars, smart appliances all connected and intelligently accomplishing goals. But, the challenges are enormous.
For Agile | October 20, 2015
Learn more about three options for working with Agile development practices across teams.
For Dev Issues | October 6, 2015
How much value does an organization derive from the academic training of a college educated software engineer? Not much at all.
For Agile | September 30, 2015
Does the agile development style mix well with open source? On the face of it, they are polar opposites. Gigi Sayfan discusses some of the differences and similarities in style.
For Enterprise Zone | September 28, 2015
In this article, Gigi Sayfan focuses on release management and deployment.
For Dev Issues | September 25, 2015
Rust may soon be a major player where critical, secure and performance-sensitive code is required.
For Dev Issues | September 15, 2015
One of the never ending flame wars involves the use of programmer editors vs. integrated development environments (IDEs). Most developers have a proclivity for one over the other.
For Enterprise Zone | September 11, 2015
At the core, machine learning is just a lot of data with some fancy algorithms.
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