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More articles by Gigi Sayfan

Author Bio
Gigi Sayfan specializes in cross-platform object-oriented programming in C/C++/C#/Python/Java with an emphasis on large-scale distributed systems. He is currently trying to build brain-inspired intelligent machines at Numenta.
For Open Source Zone | September 3, 2009
Changes to the core language, the standard library, and some welcome performance improvements make Python 3.1 a balanced and worthwhile release.
For Open Source Zone | July 29, 2009
Python 3.0 has been released. Are you ready to migrate your code? Find out what you need to know to make the switch.
For Open Source Zone | July 21, 2009
Explore Python 3.0's new support for per-user installations, an official with statement, property decorators, keyword-only arguments, dictionary changes, and C API changes.
For Open Source Zone | April 22, 2009
The changes to the standard library in Python 3.0 truly "clean house." The results are both more usable and less cluttered.
For Open Source Zone | April 7, 2009
Python 3.0 makes critical—and not-backwardly-compatible—changes to data types. Find out how these changes will affect your code.
For Open Source Zone | March 25, 2009
In this deep comparison between Python 2.x and Python 3.0, discover the far-reaching changes to the Python core language, type system, and the standard library, how they'll affect your code, and guidelines for migration.
For Open Source Zone | April 24, 2008
WindowMover demonstrates techniques that let you take ultimate control of your desktop. While it focuses on managing window positions for dual monitor systems, you can easily borrow from or extend it for general-purpose UI automation.
For Open Source Zone | February 28, 2008
A shared clipboard lets you copy and paste data seamlessly across machines—it's the perfect productivity tool if you work with multiple machines in parallel.
For Open Source Zone | January 5, 2007
The 2.5 version of Python offered lots of useful enhancements. In this article, you'll learn about some specific modules, as well as performance improvements, that are likely to bring big smiles to the faces of many Python developers.
For Open Source Zone | November 22, 2006
The freshly minted 2.5 version of Python has lots of goodies, but the three in this article are the cream of the crop. Find out how ctypes, pysqlite, and ElementTree can save you time and aggravation in this extensive article with a ton of great sample code.
For Web Development Zone | November 6, 2006
Python 2.5 still has the smell of fresh paint but it's the perfect time to drill down on the most important new features in this comprehensive release. Read on for detailed explanations and examples of exception handling, resource management, conditional expressions, and more.
For .NET Zone | June 6, 2006
"Marching ants" are a common UI feature in image editing programs but giving the ants a little more visual texture is a harder problem than you'd ever dream. This article discusses four different algorithms for making elegant, 3D ants with varying levels of performance, accuracy, and control.
For Open Source Zone | May 31, 2006
Advanced techniques such as metaclasses, code injection, and call-stack walking harden Python for the enterprise. One novel use of Python's dynamic nature allows you to add private code access checking. Follow along to learn how.
For Open Source Zone | May 11, 2006
Python, the open source scripting language, has grown tremendously popular in the last five years—and with good reason. Python boasts a sophisticated object model that wise developers can exploit in ways that Java, C++, and C# developers can only dream of.
For Debugging | July 25, 2003