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Author Bio
Guy Rish is a ColdFusion and .NET developer at Vente as well as President at Gestaltech. He is an active developer and author using various languages and technologies. He has contributed work in books on ColdFusion MX, Flash MX, and Dreamweaver MX.
For .NET Zone | April 22, 2005
The newest version of the .NET framework extends strong data typing to configuration files, adds scope for settings, a GUI-based property editor, and drops the read-only restriction for configuration classes.
For .NET Zone | March 8, 2005
Use these flexible UncommonDialog dialog classes to lift the restrictions built into the CommonDialog classes delivered with the .NET Compact Framework.
For Web Development Zone | December 16, 2003
Unless it's overturned, the Eolas ruling means tens of thousands of Web pages that use embedded plugins are infringing on the patent. Based on a procedure recommended by Microsoft, this filter will automatically update your HTML so you'll be in the free and clear.
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