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More articles by Hannes Du Preez

For DevX | July 15, 2019
Learn more about why you should use explicit column names in T-SQL.
For DevX | July 8, 2019
Learn more about how to improve query performance by including owner or schema name.
For DevX | July 1, 2019
Learn more about what happens in the SQL Server query optimizer when Forceplan is set to on.
For DevX | June 24, 2019
Learn how to control whether error messages will be returned from overflow or divide-by-zero errors occurring during a query.
For DevX | June 17, 2019
See several math functions that can be used in T-SQL.
For DevX | June 10, 2019
See how to specify how long a statement should wait for a lock to be released.
For DevX | June 4, 2019
Learn how to specify the level of error reporting that has been generated when an expression being rounded has caused loss of precision.
For DevX | May 30, 2019
Use this query to get all the tables with a count of their records.
For DevX | May 27, 2019
Learn more about a query that will allow you to reseed all auto-numbered fields.
For DevX | May 22, 2019
Learn how to find the first date of the current month.
For DevX | May 17, 2019
See how to find a specific data type across all tables and columns in a database.
For DevX | May 14, 2019
Use this easy query to discover the last day of the current month.
For DevX | May 9, 2019
See how to get the current precision by executing the following command.
For Database Development | May 6, 2019
Language: SQL, Expertise: Intermediate - See how to rebuild all of the indexes in your database with this query.
For DevX | May 6, 2019
See how to rebuild all of the indexes in your database with this query.
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