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More articles by Hannes Du Preez

For DevX | January 15, 2020
Learn how to perform grouped string concatenation.
For DevX | January 8, 2020
Check out these six tests if you want to explore statistics in SQL.
For DevX | December 5, 2019
Learn the best ways to work with multiple query windows in SQL.
For DevX | November 21, 2019
See how to get a nicely comma-separated list of column names.
For DevX | November 14, 2019
See how to use the Object Explorer feature in SQL to find a particular stored procedure from a long list of available options.
For DevX | November 7, 2019
When dealing with large lists of information, we, as developers, sometimes need to copy them, then add commas manually. See a neat trick to automatically add the required commas.
For DevX | October 31, 2019
See how to find a specific data type across all tables and columns in a database.
For DevX | October 17, 2019
Follow these three tips to help improve your SQL query performance.
For DevX | October 10, 2019
See how to construct a query that can generate dynamic LIKE statements in SQL.
For DevX | October 4, 2019
Follow these three tips to help increase the performance of your SQL queries.
For DevX | September 25, 2019
See what the Top with Ties clause actually does in SQL.
For DevX | September 18, 2019
Learn more about how to use three very different SQL statements.
For DevX | September 11, 2019
Learn more about the levels of data abstraction employed in SQL to hide irrelevant details from users.
For DevX | September 4, 2019
Explore to how to safely delete data in SQL.
For DevX | August 28, 2019
Explore a list of the names of all normalization forms in SQL.
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