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More articles by Hannes Du Preez

For DevX | March 22, 2018
Learn how to print all column definitions for all the tables in your database.
For DevX | March 15, 2018
Check out this quick way to find all currently blocked requests in SQL.
For DevX | March 8, 2018
Check the execution details of a function in SQL.
For DevX | March 1, 2018
Ensure that your data is safe when you make use of Transactions to do any data manipulation with this sample stored procedure.
For DevX | February 22, 2018
See two ways to prevent SQL from throwing this error.
For DevX | February 15, 2018
Learn a different way to transpose columns into rows.
For DevX | February 8, 2018
This quick tip demonstrates how to copy a table's data, as well as only the structure of a table.
For DevX | February 1, 2018
Use this code to create a snapshot of your current database.
For DevX | January 25, 2018
This query will enable you to list all the tables in your database that don't have an IDENTITY column.
For DevX | January 18, 2018
Use the following query to get the total number of rows for each table in your database.
For DevX | January 8, 2018
Learn this easy way to extract numbers from a string.
For DevX | December 21, 2017
Learn how to disable an index, temporarily or otherwise, with this T-SQL Query.
For DevX | December 14, 2017
See how to use the sp_rename stored procedure if you do not want to drop and recreate the table again.
For DevX | November 29, 2017
There will be times when you need to pass a list of values as a singular parameter to an SQL Stored Procedure. Problem is: SQL doesn't support this. See how to get around this issue.
For DevX | November 23, 2017
Learn how to easily format how a field should be displayed.
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