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More articles by Hannes Du Preez

For SQL | April 2, 2020
Language: SQL, Expertise: Intermediate - Learn how to recompile certain stored procedures.
For DevX | April 2, 2020
Learn how to recompile certain stored procedures.
For DevX | March 25, 2020
Learn how to easily monitor free space in your database log files.
For DevX | March 18, 2020
See how to easily shrink the size of the data and log files in a database.
For DevX | March 11, 2020
Learn an easy way to find where your error logs are being stored.
For DevX | March 4, 2020
SQL injection is probably the most common hacking technique out there. Learn more about hacking techniques to keep your data secured.
For DevX | February 26, 2020
Learn how to find the first date of the current month.
For DevX | February 19, 2020
Use this query to get all the tables with a count of their records.
For DevX | February 12, 2020
Learn more about how to avoid issues with SQL injection.
For DevX | February 5, 2020
Learn more about how to avoid SQL injection issues.
For DevX | January 29, 2020
Learn a script that allows you to read through all SQL Server Log files.
For DevX | January 22, 2020
See how to ensure a table always stays available in SQL Server's cache. You can Pin the table and Unpin it when it is not needed anymore.
For DevX | January 15, 2020
Learn how to perform grouped string concatenation.
For DevX | January 8, 2020
Check out these six tests if you want to explore statistics in SQL.
For DevX | December 5, 2019
Learn the best ways to work with multiple query windows in SQL.
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