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More articles by Hasmet Akgun

Author Bio
Hasmet Akgun is an independent consultant based in New York City. When not helping his clients deploy and coexist .NET framework solutions with legacy technologies, he enjoys writing articles for the developer community and dreams of adopting another cat. Reach him by e-mail at h.akgun@acm.org.
For C++ Zone | November 5, 2002
Make is a powerful program maintenance utility that has been deployed by our colleagues in the UNIX world to automate the build process for decades. Learn how to use the concepts behind this versatile tool in the .NET world to integrate CLR compliant languages and more.
For .NET Zone | October 21, 2002
The ASP.NET DataGrid is a very powerful control, capable of displaying anything that can be represented in tabular format. Find out how you can use it more effectively by creating custom data providers to populate your grids.
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