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More articles by J. Ambrose Little

Author Bio
J. Ambrose Little currently works as the Codemunicator for Infragistics, the leader in presentation layer components. He�s contributed to two books, Professional ADO.NET 2 and ASP.NET 2 MVP Hacks, both by Wrox, and he speaks at local events and conferences when he can. You can reach him via e-mail or his blog.
For CoDe Magazine | May 21, 2007
Validation may be boring, but you ignore thinking clearly about the process only at your peril.
For CoDe Magazine | August 1, 2005
The "Angry Coder," Jonathan Goodyear, and "dotNetTemplar," J. Ambrose Little, debate the advantage of the Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 Go-Live license.
For CoDe Magazine | May 31, 2005
Object-oriented design and programming is not just for the academics. It can save you time and money, too! Besides that, it's fun and cool!
For CoDe Magazine | February 9, 2005
Did you know that the .NET Framework has no built-in functionality to sort custom type collections? This article provides you with an easy way to use T-SQL-like sort expressions to sort your custom type collections and explains how this great utility works under the hood.