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Author Bio
JC Oberholzer is a software developer (MCSD, MCSE) that works on distributed and Internet based applications on the Microsoft platform.  JC  is currently employed by SDT and works in the financial services industry.  He maintains his own site at www.jcoberholzer.com. You can contact him at jc@jcoberholzer.com
For VB-2-the-Max | December 1, 2001
OK, so the COM team enabled us to develop great binary reusable components in DLLs and OCXs. Using all this functionality you develop this amazing component and now you're waiting for the developers to snap it up and start raving. You discover, however, that having a component that can be reused does not guarantee that it will in fact be reused. Amazing capabilities are overshadowed by ease of use and other trivial issues.
For VB-2-the-Max | June 9, 2001
Over the last year or two, quite a few articles and books have been written on COM+, transaction management, and programming stateful & stateless components, explaining in detail what COM+ does and how it does it. When tasked with creating a model for developing lightweight, reusable components, you can found a lot of What-not-How type of articles on COM+, but not a lot of practical How-To type of articles. The author started working through a lot of information on COM+, combined this information with how I wanted a reusable component to behave, and came up with a real easy model for creating reusable COM+ business objects.
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