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More articles by Jason Morris

Author Bio
Jason Morris has been involved in software development since 1993. He runs Morris Technical Solutions, a consulting firm that specializes in engineering information technology.
For Java Zone | October 15, 2004
Want to build Java user interfaces without drowning in the minutia of the Java GUI libraries? WindowBuilder Pro may be the tool for you. Learn all about this Eclipse plug-in as Jason Morris puts it to the test.
For Java Zone | September 1, 2004
Bob Orchard is the author of FuzzyJess, the Java-based, fuzzy logic API extension to Jess, and a veteran of many expert systems projects. In this interview, he discusses the state of artificial intelligence (AI), expert systems (ES), and the richness of possibilities for Java developers to utilize his tools for building fuzzy rule-based expert systems.
For Java Zone | October 24, 2003
Dr. Ernest J. Friedman-Hill, developer of the Java Expert System Shell (Jess), discusses the history and future of his rule engine and speaks out about the application of artificial intelligence and expert systems in real-world Java development.
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