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More articles by Joey Lott

Author Bio
Joey Lott has deep professional experience using Adobe technologies like Flex, Flash, and ActionScript. He is the co-author of ActionScript Cookbook, Programming Flash Communication Server, Flash 8 Cookbook, and several other related books. He is a partner and co-founder of The Morphic Group, an interactive development company focusing on Flash/Flex application development.
For Database Development Zone | December 16, 2008
Once you've established a connection between an Adobe AIR application and a local database, you can run SQL commands (CREATE TABLE, INSERT, DELETE, SELECT, etc.) using the flash.data.SQLStatement class. Find out how.
For Security Zone | December 4, 2008
Failing to understand how the Adobe AIR cross-platform runtime environment enforces application security and authenticity could lead to breaches. Find out what steps you need to take to protect users of your AIR applications.