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John V. Petersen has over 10 years of professional software development and database design experience. He has spoken at developer events including Microsoft DevDays and TechEd. John has written numerous articles and books including Absolute Beginner's Guide to Databases (Que). John holds an MBA and is currently working on his law degree at the Rutgers University School of Law. You can reach John at john.v.petersen@comcast.net.
For CoDe Magazine | March 18, 2003
In Visual Basic 6 you didn't need to worry about trapping events since VB6 handled everything automatically. In Visual Studio .NET this is not the case.
For CoDe Magazine | October 21, 2002
The first article in this series detailed how to build data-aware forms in Visual Studio .NET using the Data Form Wizard. It demonstrated how easy it is to build forms using a point-and-click interface. You also learned that the generated form was not especially suited to production development. This article continues where that article left off and introduces you to techniques to improve data-aware forms created with the Data Form Wizard.
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