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Author Bio
Jonathan Lurie is a consultant, and enterprise software development trainer who holds a number of certifications including MCSE, MCSD, Java Certified Programmer, and IBM Certified XML Developer. He lives in Manhattan Beach, CA and enjoys programming, writing, and playing beach volleyball.
For .NET Zone | July 14, 2004
Using .NET extender controls can help you avoid tedious subclassing of existing controls. But what are extender controls and how do you use them? Find out how these "non-visual" controls can be a great design-time short cut for people who want to spend less time writing code.
For Security Zone | April 22, 2004
Once you've secured your business objects and the underlying data engine, there are additional steps you can take to layer on more security. Find out how you can manipulate Windows Forms to give authorized data to authorized users.
For Enterprise Zone | July 29, 2003
Software errors cost us billions of dollars and may soon wreak havoc on our day-to-day lives. Buggy software isn't inevitable, but the software development industry has some deeply entrenched and dangerous misconceptions that are preventing us from making defect-free software.
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