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More articles by Joydip Kanjilal

Author Bio
Joydip Kanjilal has over 10 years of industry experience with C, C++, Java, C#, VB, VC++, ASP.Net, XML, Design Patterns, UML, etc. He currently works as a senior project leader in a reputable multinational company in Hyderabad, India, and has contributed articles on .NET and related technologies to www.aspalliance.com.
For .NET Zone | February 24, 2015
Explore the new features and enhancements available in Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.
For C++ Zone | December 17, 2014
Learn more about preprocessor directives in C++ and how they can be implemented.
For Web Development Zone | June 19, 2012
Unit test your jQuery code at development time to reduce bugs in your JavaScript application. The QUnit JavaScript TDD framework makes it easy.
For .NET Zone | April 13, 2012
The Windows Runtime Library is a native API for Windows 8 that is fundamental to Metro style applications.
For .NET Zone | February 8, 2012
Fluent NHibernate lets you map .NET classes with NHibernate without the need for those cumbersome XML files.
For .NET Zone | January 20, 2012
Take advantage of the Object Context in Entity Framework to perform CRUD operations and attach or detach entities.
For .NET Zone | December 16, 2011
If you're already using jQuery in your ASP.NET and Ajax development, building reusable jQuery templates can make you even more productive.
For .NET Zone | October 26, 2011
Learn the basics of WCF and WCF RIA Services, Microsoft's communication framework and service for developing service-oriented, data-driven applications.
For .NET Zone | June 2, 2011
Leverage the new and enhanced features of ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.0 to model at the right level of abstraction.
For .NET Zone | May 25, 2011
Take advantage of the Open Data Protocol to build RESTful services in ASP.NET.
For Architecture Zone | January 5, 2011
Take advantage of Silverlight 4 and Windows Communication Foundation 4 to bind data to Silverlight Data Controls.
For .NET Zone | December 9, 2010
Microsoft .NET Framework introduces a platform that opens many possibilities, providing a managed platform for executing applications that are portable, scalable and robust.
For .NET Zone | December 7, 2010
Leverage the new and enhanced features of Entity Framework 4.0 to design and implement scalable applications.
For Enterprise Zone | October 16, 2010
Learn how attribute-driven programming can help debug and maintain your applications much more efficiently.
For .NET Zone | August 26, 2009
Enhanced COM interop through C# 4.0's dynamic type system, support for named and optional parameters, and for variance makes working with Microsoft Office and other Primary Interop Assemblies much easier.
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