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More articles by Joydip Kanjilal

Author Bio
Joydip Kanjilal is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in ASP.Net, as well as a speaker and the author of several books and articles. He received the prestigious MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award at ASP.Net for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012. He has more than 18 years of industry experience in IT, with more than 14 years in Microsoft .Net and its related technologies. He has been selected as MSDN Featured Developer of the Fortnight (MSDN) and as Community Credit Winner several times. He is the author of eight books and more than 300 articles. He was a speaker a speaker at the reputed Spark IT 2010 event and at the reputed Dr. Dobb’s Conference 2014 in Bangalore. He is also a regular speaker at SSWUG Virtual Conference. He's also worked as a judge for the Jolt Awards at Dr. Dobb's Journal.
For Java Zone | March 28, 2017
Get a glimpse at the basics of threads and multithreading and the best practices that should be adopted when working with multithreading in enterprise applications.
For .NET Zone | March 8, 2017
Take advantage of the Aspect.NET Framework, the .NET multi-language aspect weaver, to inject dependencies in your application.
For .NET Zone | February 15, 2017
Leverage the new modular ASP.NET Core framework to build applications that are platform-independent, lean and fast.
For Java Zone | January 13, 2017
Learn about the Singleton design pattern, why it is useful and how it can be used to implement singleton classes in Java.
For Java Zone | January 6, 2017
Take advantage of the java.nio package to perform non-blocking I/O and build responsive applications.
For Java Zone | December 19, 2016
Take advantage of abstract class and interface to design for flexibility in Java.
For Java Zone | October 31, 2016
Explore what polymorphism is, types of polymorphism and how it can be implemented in Java, including code examples wherever necessary to illustrate the concepts covered.
For .NET Zone | February 2, 2016
Explore the ConcurrentQueue class in C# and how it can be used to implement collections that are thread safe.
For .NET Zone | January 8, 2016
Take a look at how you can program duplex services using WCF.
For Architecture Zone | April 22, 2015
Eliminate code smells and anti-patterns by implementing design patterns the correct way.
For Enterprise Zone | March 18, 2015
Explore Quartz.NET, the popular open source job scheduling framework.
For C++ Zone | March 13, 2015
Explore the concept of pointers in C++, how to use them, and the best practices for using them.
For .NET Zone | February 24, 2015
Explore the new features and enhancements available in Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.
For C++ Zone | December 17, 2014
Learn more about preprocessor directives in C++ and how they can be implemented.
For Web Development Zone | June 19, 2012
Unit test your jQuery code at development time to reduce bugs in your JavaScript application. The QUnit JavaScript TDD framework makes it easy.
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