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More articles by Kaushik Pal

For Open Source Zone | April 16, 2014
Follow this simple six step process to create a MapReduce job in Apache Hadoop using Spring.
For Open Source Zone | March 31, 2014
Explore the data movement through the MapReduce architecture and the API calls used to do the actual processing, along with customization techniques and function overriding for application specific needs.
For Java Zone | March 27, 2014
Learn more about Java Caching System (JCS) framework with descriptions and working examples.
For Open Source Zone | March 18, 2014
Learn more about writing MapReduce programs with the language of your choice with Hadoop Streaming.
For Java Zone | February 14, 2014
Using ADF allows developers to minimize the coding effort to build an application's infrastructure and allows them to concentrate more on implementing the complex business logic of the application.
For Architecture Zone | February 7, 2014
In modern application development, the framework plays an important role--without the support of a mature framework, rapid application development is quite impossible. Oracle has developed an innovative, mature and stable Java EE development framework called Oracle Application Development Framework. Learn more about it today.
For Open Source Zone | January 29, 2014
Apache HBase is a distributed, non-relational and open source database written in Java that runs on top of HDFS. HBase is a suitable candidate when you have hundreds of millions or billions of rows and enough hardware to support it. Learn more about it's practical use and architectural concepts.
For Open Source Zone | January 23, 2014
Cassandra is an ideal database for managing a large volume of unstructured, semi-structured and structured data across multiple data centers and the cloud environment. Exolore how to get started.
For Open Source Zone | December 30, 2013
Apache Hive provides a mechanism to manage data in a distributed environment and query it using an SQL-like language called Hive Query Language, or HiveQL. This article will discuss Hive scripts and execution.
For Open Source Zone | December 16, 2013
Kaushik Pal provides some samples and tips on how to use Apache Pig for  efficient analysis of large data sets.
For Open Source Zone | November 27, 2013
Kaushik Pal explores the basics of the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), the underlying file system of the Apache Hadoop framework.
For Java Zone | November 22, 2013
Kaushik Pal explores the processing of Big Data using the Apache Hadoop framework and Map-Reduce programming.
For Java Zone | November 11, 2013
Learn more about how Ant, in collaboration with JUnit, helps developers to follow the test-driven development approach.
For Java Zone | October 28, 2013
Exposure on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn has a tremendous impact on business, effecting marketing, networking, analytics and more. Social media is a natural resource for collecting user feedback, comments, suggestions, etc., making the integration of social media with applications increasingly important. This article will discuss the integration of Facebook and Twitter with a Java application.