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More articles by Kaushik Pal

For Open Source Zone | October 16, 2014
Apache Mahout is an open source project from the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) with the primary goal of creating a machine learning algorithm.
For Security Zone | September 30, 2014
Learn more about the different steps and tools employed to protect Big Data applications.
For Open Source Zone | September 26, 2014
Learn more about how HDFS Federation helps to enhance an existing HDFS architecture.
For Enterprise Zone | August 28, 2014
Learn more about the latest trends in the big data and analytics world.
For Enterprise Zone | August 15, 2014
Delve into using Annotation Query language (AQL) for text analytics along with IBM InfoSphere BigInsights.
For Open Source Zone | July 17, 2014
Get the details on MapReduce/YARN 2.0 and the functionalities it presents.
For Open Source Zone | July 11, 2014
Learn more about Apache Shark and its features.
For Database Development Zone | June 17, 2014
Every design approach comes with a set of pros and cons and Cloud computing is no exception to this rule.
For Open Source Zone | June 11, 2014
Learn more about Apache Spark and the various aspects of this framework.
For Java Zone | May 21, 2014
Learn more about the best ways to access a relational database using the JDBC template in Spring.
For Java Zone | May 15, 2014
Learn more about the concepts of Gradle as a project building tool and also see how to configure and build a sample Java project.
For Open Source Zone | April 25, 2014
This tutorial provides a simple explanation of the three different installation modes and the reasons for the use of each mode.
For Open Source Zone | April 16, 2014
Follow this simple six step process to create a MapReduce job in Apache Hadoop using Spring.
For Open Source Zone | March 31, 2014
Explore the data movement through the MapReduce architecture and the API calls used to do the actual processing, along with customization techniques and function overriding for application specific needs.
For Java Zone | March 27, 2014
Learn more about Java Caching System (JCS) framework with descriptions and working examples.