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DevX Java Pro Kyle Gabhart is an independent consultant, trainer, and public speaker specializing in Java technologies, XML, and Web services technologies. Visit his Web site http://www.gabhart.com to view his other writings and his upcoming speaking engagements.
For Get Help | November 1, 2001
The EJB 2.0 specification defines a new type of enterprise bean, the Message-Driven Bean, which provides a reusable J2EE messaging component that can leverage existing EJB investments in J2EE application servers. Java Pro Kyle Gabhart examines this new bean and compares it with the existing EJB messaging components.
For Get Help | October 1, 2001
How can session and entity EJBs participate in a messaging exchange? By utilizing resource manager connection factories, EJBs access extra-container resources, such as JMS and JavaMail sessions, for enterprise messaging.
For Get Help | September 1, 2001
This 10-Minute Solution introduces XSLT and explores the Java API for XML Processing (JAXP) transformation API. It concludes with a practical, step-by-step example for using XSLT within a J2EE Web application via JAXP's abstraction layer.
For Get Help | August 1, 2001
The JBoss Application Server is a full-featured, J2EE app server with robust EJB support. In this 10-Minute Solution, Java Pro Kyle Gabhart offers a step-by-step guide through the installation and configuration of the JBoss app server and shows you how to deploy a simple session bean.
For Get Help | July 1, 2001
Learn to use the J2ME networking classes found in the javax.microedition.io package to send HTTP requests to a Web server or similar HTTP-enabled network server.
For Get Help | June 1, 2001
Learn to use the EJB 2.0 local references to reduce the unnecessary cost imposed when referencing one enterprise bean from another enterprise bean located in the same container.
For Get Help | May 1, 2001
Learn how to create JMenu components to enhance your Swing applications so that they utilize menus, access the file system, and allow users to cancel actions.
For Get Help | April 1, 2001
Learn how to manipulate JFrame objects to create an XML text editor that has a text view and a graphical view and that updates the graphical view based upon changes you make to the text.
For Get Help | March 1, 2001
Create a custom class that extends JTree to create a visual representation of an XML document.
For Get Help | February 1, 2001
Every application can benefit from a well-designed debugging strategy, but few applications have one. Additionally, most debugging strategies contain wasteful overhead that degrades application performance.
For Get Help | January 1, 2001
Although fancy Swing-driven GUIs or browser-based clients are great for the end users of your company's software development packages, they aren't really necessary for in-house tools or utilities that you write to aid your development process.
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