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Author Bio
Larry O�Brien is a software development industry analyst and programmer. He writes the �Microsoft and .NET Watch� column for SD Times and was the founding editor of Software Development and Game Developer magazines. He is a vocal proponent of the TabletPC, and outlined this story using MindManager in pen mode on a Motion M1400 slate. Final text and coding was done on a Toshiba Portege M200 in laptop mode. See Larry's blog for more information.
For CoDe Magazine | February 10, 2006
Unless your battery is really, really good, you'll eventually want to store your Ink. Simple file storage or XML serialization is sometimes sufficient, but usually, you'll want to move Ink into and out of a relational database. Here's how.
For Web Development Zone | June 22, 2005
Is it possible to combine the expressive and analytical power of Office with the display slickness of Flash? Yes, and it's quite easy, even for a person with limited Flash abilities (a category including your author).
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