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More articles by Leonard Anghel

Author Bio
For XML with Java | June 13, 2012
These two quick JSF bean backing tips show how to extract request parameters and redirect page loads.
For Java Zone | March 21, 2012
Java EE 6 supports a suite of five scopes, each with its own behavior for managing the user's interaction with a Java Web application. Find out how and when to use them.
For Enterprise JavaBeans | May 4, 2011
With EJB interceptors, you can access the name, parameters, and EJB context of business methods.
For Debugging | June 30, 2009
If your Eclipse (Ganymede) installation with PermGem is raising out-of-memory errors, here's a possible solution.
For XML with Java | June 8, 2009
This code snippet creates a Validator that you can use to validate an XML document represented as a DOMSource.
For Web UI | June 1, 2009
You don't need a browser to send a cookie to a server. This tip shows you how to do it from Java code.
For Web UI | May 18, 2009
This tip shows how to invoke the JTidy open-source project from Java code to convert an HTML file to XHTML.
For Enterprise JavaBeans | May 18, 2009
To map a date value to a Java date in EJB 3.0, use this code.
For Enterprise JavaBeans | May 5, 2009
Follow this DELETE statement example to write parameterized SQL queries in EJB 3.0.
For XML with Java | April 24, 2009
This tip shows you how to unzip an archive from a Java servlet.
For XML with Java | April 10, 2009
This example shows how to use the findByExample method in Hibernate in conjunction with the SQL AND operator to find and log in a user given an email address and password.
For Enterprise JavaBeans | April 3, 2009
This tip shows you how to inject an EJB 3.0 into the init() method of a servlet.
For Tip Bank | March 31, 2009
This tip shows how to destroy a Logger from the ServletContextListener's contextDestroyed method in the application context.
For String Manipulation | March 17, 2009
See how to develop a custom log formatter and customize the formatter for your logging needs.
For Web UI | February 24, 2009
This tip shows you how to correctly close a SSLEngine connection.
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