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More articles by Lori Piquet, Editor-in-chief

Author Bio
Lori Piquet is the Editor-in-chief of DevX. Reach her via .
For DevX | November 12, 2003
Think you can still compete with the programming whiz kids but don't have time to join a competition? Visit DevX each month to test your prowess with TopCoder's academic programming challenges. And find out about some upcoming changes to the DevX discussion groups.
For DevX | October 29, 2003
Take your pick of the code names: Microsoft had some delightful carrots this week for every developer imaginable.
For DevX | July 2, 2003
Sun says it will find 10 million new Java developers by wresting corporate developers away from Microsoft. The timing is as good as it's going to get but that won't make Sun's task any easier.
For Java Zone | June 11, 2003
The 8th annual Java developers' conference was surprisingly un-enterprisey, with major attention not just on wireless but on consumers. There were, however, ripples of enthusiasm for Java language enhancements planned for "Tiger," version 1.5 of the JDK.
For DevX | April 2, 2003
Alternative programming methods challenge the status quo, but taking developers out of the requirements process is one idea that just doesn't transition from theory to reality.
For Java Zone | March 31, 2003
Oracle uses the release of the Java edition of its application server as a launching pad for a new campaign to win customers away from BEA, while also extending its reach in the reseller channel.
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