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More articles by MS Sridhar

For DevX | April 24, 2017
Learn how to identify what jobs have already been added.
For Software Configuration | November 25, 2008
ASP.NET doesn't allow you to upload files bigger than 4MB to the server.
For SQL | June 10, 2008
Most users typically create tables in the default tablespace. Most of them are not familiar with the actual tablespaces concept and are not aware that this is responsible for the issues they encounter when large data is pumped into said tables.
For XML with Java | August 7, 2007
In Java 1.5, the loop incrementor is now handled implicitly.
For XML with Java | November 15, 2006
Learn how to place the cursor at any character place you desire.
For XML with Java | October 17, 2006
Java allows you to rename a file by using the renameTo(File file) method, in the java.io.File class
For Web UI | October 2, 2006
Learn how to improve caching performance with the shared attribute of the output directive.
For XML with Java | August 21, 2006
Using Modifier.isPrivate() ensures that private variables are not printed.
For String Manipulation | August 2, 2006
Java provides a handle with which you can retrieve the specific new line character for the type of operating system you're working on.
For SQL | July 25, 2006
Oracle does not have a mechanism by which you directly change column names. But this workaround is quick and efficient.
For SQL | June 20, 2006
Oracle provides an easy way of retrieving the last records entered in your database.
For Arrays | June 14, 2006
Learn how to use System.arraycopy(.....) to copy the contents of an arrary for processing.
For SQL | May 31, 2006
This tip will help you understand how to apply the mod function and use it to obtain even and odd records from columns in Oracle.
For SQL | April 4, 2006
The ESCAPE keyword comes handy when you have a character in your data which is same as a Wildcard character.
For Web UI | March 1, 2006
Find out an easy way to display mouseover text in Web pages.
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